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Arielle Juberg

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Political Science and Religious Studies
Mentor: Dr. Maggie Potter
Project: "Identifying Legal and Ethical Obstacles to Disaster Preparedness and Response through Qualitative Analysis"


More about Arielle's research






Catherine Tarantine*

University of Rochester
Major: Epidemiology
Mentor: Dr. Maggie Potter
Project: "The Adaptive Response Metric"
*Student volunteer








Cory Rodgers

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Biology, Africana Studies, History & Philosophy of Science
Mentor: Dr. Eunha Shim
Project: "Cost-benefit Analysis of Pertussis Vaccination Among Health Care Personnel with Consideration of Provisional Recommendations by ACIP in 2011"


Update: Cory Rodgers Named 2012 Rhodes Scholarship Winner





David Rutkowski

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Chemical Engineering

Mentor: Dr. Shawn Brown
Project: "Effect of Dengue Catchup Campaign on Thailand’s Vaccine Supply Chain"







Genevieve Dobihal

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Microbiology
Minor: Chemistry, Religious Studies
Mentors: Drs. Roni Rosenfeld and Elodie Ghedin
Project: "Influenza Drug Resistance Mutagenesis"


More about Genevieve's research




John M


John McKay

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Mathematics and Africana Studies
Minor: Linguistics

Mentor: Dr. Bruce Lee
Project: "Size and Impact: Using an Agent Based Model to Find a Hospital’s Effect on a Network’s MRSA Prevalence"




John O


Ejebagom (John) Ojogbo

Fisk University
Major: Computer Science

Mentor: Dr. John Grefenstette
Project: "Designing and Implementing a Gravity Travel Algorithm"








Maariya Bassa

University of Maryland
Major: Public Health and Women’s Health

Mentor: Dr. Steve Albert
Project: "Modeling the Effect of Herpes Simplex Virus-2 on the Spread of HIV in Washington, D.C."







Raaka Kumbhakar

University of Pittsburgh
Major: History and Philosophy of Science
Minor: Chemistry, French
Mentor: Dr. Gilles Clermont
Project: "The Role of Modeling in Pandemic Response and Influenza A Virus Evolution"







Tanya Disney

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Statistics

Mentor: Hasan Guclu, PhD
Project: "Overlaying Transmission Networks on Social Networks"








Yoshiko Toyoda

Cornell University
Major: Biological Sciences and History

Mentor: Dr. Elodie Ghedin
Project: "Intra-Host Evolution of Influenza A Virus"







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