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Amy Li     Amanda Moyer     Jack Paparian

Edward Pang      Meet the 2012 Fellows     Grace Baek

Sue Kulason     Kimberley Monks     Michael Backman

Suren Jayasuriya     Christian Hughes     Kathleen Marinan

Amy Li


Jiayue (Amy) Li

Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Computational Biology
Mentor: Roni Rosenfeld, PhD
Project: "Analysis of Antigenic Cartography Implementations"









Amanda Moyer

Mount Holyoke College
Major: Neuroscience and Behavior
Minor: Mathematics
Mentor: Bruce Lee, MD
Project: "The Economic Impact of a Vaccine on Visceral Leishmaniasis in India"






Jack Paparian

Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Computer Science
Mentor: John Grefenstette, PhD
Project: "FRED Navigator"








Edward Pang

Johns Hopkins University
Major: Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Minor: Biology

Mentor: Eunha Shim, PhD
Project: "Mathematical Modeling of TB Transmission and The Impact of Various Interventions in Taiwan"






Grace Baek

Columbia University
Major: Biological Sciences

Mentor: Steve Albert, PhD
Project: "Modeling Quarantine Behavior, Intention and Effects on Influenza Infections: A Netlogo Model"







Sue Kulason

Johns Hopkins University
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Computer Integrated Surgery

Mentors: Elizabeth Bjerke, JD; Hasan Guclu, PhD
Project: "Epidemic Disease Spread in Weighted Social Networks"







Kimberley Monks

University of Southern California
Major: Biological Sciences, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies

Mentor: Steve Albert, PhD
Project: "Can Pharmacies and Advertisements Increase Vaccine Uptake? An Agent-Based Model Built in Netlogo"






Michael Backman

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Statistics
Minor: Mathematics, Economics

Mentor: Shawn Brown, PhD
Project: "Exploring the Benefits of Prioritization Policies for Multi-dose Vaccines During an Influenza Pandemic in Allegheny County"





Suren Jayasuriya

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Mathematics, Philosophy

Mentor: Jagpreet Chhatwal, PhD
Project: "Advances in Decision Analytic Modeling: Adjusted Cycle Lengths in Markov Models and Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis"







Christian Hughes

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Statistics
Minor: Leadership

Mentor: Hasan Guclu, PhD
Project: "Spread of Disease in a Social Network with Subgroups"







Kathleen Marinan

University of Pittsburgh
Major: Bioinformatics

Mentor: Bruce Lee, MD
Project: "Assessing The Costs of a Test-and-Treat Strategy"






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